When Science can contribute to conservation

This project is not only about collecting and propagating plants.

The medicinal garden is located close to SSPL, Socfindo Research center, tell us more about it.

SSPL is PT Socfin Indonesia’s business unit that produces superior oil palm seeds for its own plantations as well as for sale to domestic and foreign oil palm plantation companies. The seed selection and production activities are supported by a complete research team and laboratories, such as the Pathology laboratory, tissue culture, DNA and analytics.

In the Socfindo Conservation project, we collaborate with educational institutions that have scientific capacity on plants, namely the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). This project is not only about collecting and propagating plants, but also providing scientific information about the collected plants, how to propagate and cultivate them, plant content (compounds) that have medicinal properties, how to use them medically and scientifically, and the status of plant scarcity. Information about these plants will be collected in a book and on an online database to be available as a public resource, in both Bahasa Indonesian and English – [Click here]

How can SSPL contribute to this project in the future?

Scientific techniques and knowledge can be applied in the fields of propagation, storage as well as plant compound identification process through the analytic laboratory facilities.